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Riddhi Agarwal
Founder of the company RA-Image consultants
Graduate and diploma in fashion designing
Certified by London Image Institute and Academy of Image
Mastery (AIM) Singapore in advanced image consulting and executive presence by world master trainers.

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What do we do?

About us

We work with personal clients and day to day dressing and our clothing selections match the color harmonies, facial shapes and body structures of our client. We also work in-depth with individuals and groups on behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication skills of our clients: etiquette, presentation, leadership skills, TV appearances, interview skills and public speaking.

Image consultants are lifestyle goal and people oriented. 

Fast-trackers, celebrities, sportspeople, entrepreneurs, interviewers and everyone in line for promotion all need our executive presence services. Our roles are many and varied when we continue to learn myriad skills ourselves to deliver a holistic service to the client. If we don’t have the skills personally, we can partner with other expert associates to help us work on every aspect of a client’s executive presence. These specialists might include voice trainers, media specialists, speakers. actors, makeup artists, writing experts, CV writers, professional organizers and business coaches.

We work on client's

Color Harmonies

Body Structure

Facial Shape


Thank you Riddhi I appreciate your spirit and I have much respect for what you do as a profession.Riddhi is a genius; she puts together a look that expressed the creative me at a fraction of the price that I would have spent.
Pooja Shah
managing director
I felt my transformation was complete as I put on the outfits that RIddhi pulled together for me.I did not realize it was possible to fit in as a creative-sensitive in a corporate environment, and still be me, my best presented self!
Rajath Kumar
HR Manager
Riddhi is a professional! She is a passionate and engaging speaker who understands the importance of executive image in the business world. I have recommended her to clients and will continue to do so in the future.
Geeta Kapoor


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